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Ute - MultiFunction Command Line Utility

Version 1.2160 KB Download / 200 KB Installed
22 Apr 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

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Version Changes Link
1.21 Scan function
1.201 Backup function
1.1 CD drawer enhancements, iTimeSync updates, De-Center wallpaper tool, run-as, ACAP conversion
1.05 Recursive wallpaper search, simple image priorities, Vista tweaks, CD drawer functions, Wallpaper bugfixes
1.041 JPEG Wallpapers
1.031 Multi-User support, Wallpaper Improvements, iTimeSync Bug fixes
1.023 New iTimeSync protocol, more servers with modifiable external list, average mode, Remote shutdown, suspend and hibernate
1.01 iTimeSync Check without Changing, Boot wallpaper changing, run priority
1.0 Initial Version

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