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The current stainless steel seamless pipe market there are some voices, some industry insiders believe that the price does not actually have such a rising space, the current price is unreasonable, so back to the management should be. In this regard, the 2012-2017 part of the annual price of some varieties made a comparison. Although the market price of stainless steel seamless pipe has reached the 2012 high level, but from the perspective of average price.304 stainless steel tube quality and performanceSince mid-August, the national stainless steel seamless stock from the bottom began to rise, "gold nine silver ten" arrival, businesses continue to make up the library, the stock will continue to rise in the short term, but because the current inventory at a low level.eastasia metal,stainless steel sheetFrom the supply point of view, according to statistics, from the historical data, both the current capacity of blast furnace Best high strength 304 stainless steel platebusiness or operating rate are at historically low. Since June, "mid-frequency furnace" across the board after the incident, the supply side of the stainless steel pipe facing greater pressure.Stainless Steel Sheets,Stainless Steel Coils-Miele Metal
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