"Open with" submenu takes long time to appear*

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"Open with" submenu takes long time to appear*

Postby Donnieclark » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:29 am

but only with media files! This is an OLD W7, custom to HP/CompaQ for a machine built in 2011. Its greatest headaches have come when audio/video media files are involved, The latest is with mp3, mp4, and (usually) flv files. It will hang for eight seconds on the 'open with' highlight before displaying the submenu, which lists media-viewing apps such as MPC-HC, Winamp, WMP, along with Firefox and other programs which convert/edit media files.
My initial hunch was that a media handling app I quit using long ago could be the perpetrator here, but I'm not getting a lot of clues from, f'rinstance, the registry. I also uninstalled VLC, which I did not need. The registry keys in HKCR for at least two of these still refer to a "Freemake" and/or "RealPlayer" product, and I know I've removed these in the past. Could they be leading to this, and should they and/or other unfamiliar subkeys/values be removed?

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