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the Guangzhou Bureau of Quality

Postby onlylove111 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:43 am

Over 50% of Guangzhou-made down jackets failed multiple brands on the black list
Content On the 13th, the Guangzhou Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision announced on its official website that in 2015, the results of quality supervision and inspection of down apparel products in Guangzhou City were exposed and 16 batches of products that did not meet the standard requirements were exposed. One of the batches contained the carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes that could be decomposed. Quality and Technical Supervision in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou Production and Down-field garment products in the field of quality supervision and spot checks, a total of 27 companies produced a random sample of 30 batches of products, according to the national mandatory standards GB18401-2010, GB5296.4-1998 and related products Standard for product use (labeling), fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes can be decomposed, water fastness, rubbing fastness, soap fastness, light fastness and down Of cashmere content, velvet content, duck feather content, charge velvet, cleanliness, oxygen consumption, odor, microorganisms and other projects were tested. After testing, 15 batches canada goose pas cher homme of 16 batches of products do not meet the standard requirements, substandard projects involving carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, fiber content, cashmere content, logo, color fastness cheap luxury bags and so on. Among them, the nominal Van Hing Ming a dress production 'FASHONERY Van release' down jacket (type size 165 / 92A160 / 88A production date / lot number FX14407017) was detected to be able to break down carcinogenic aromatic amine dye project failed, the current review of compliance. According to the quality supervision department, decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes is an important detection index of human health, containing decomposition of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes clothing in long-term contact with the human body, if the dye is absorbed by the skin, will spread in the human body, May cause human disease and induce cancer. Decomposition carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes michael kors bags failed mainly because the fabric manufacturers use dyes can be decomposed carcinogenic aromatic amines, and garment manufacturers purchasing fabrics, the fabric quality is not scarpe asics strictly checked. Down velvet volume refers to the percentage of velvet feather down in the content of velvet and velvet. The warmth of down clothing is mainly the role of down fluffy, cashmere content and velvet content determines the fluffy down, thus affecting the thermal properties of products. The amount of cashmere is to evaluate the quality of down apparel and down jacket warm performance is an important indicator of the quality of cashmere, the higher the better thermal performance. The spot checks five batches of Botas cortas dead sheep shoe products containing cashmere items failed. Quality supervision departments to remind consumers in the purchase of such products chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 should try their best air max 2015 to choose in the formal mall to buy a more reputable brand, at the same time see the product and its packaging is there any instructions. Can also be purchased through the following ways: First, the down jacket flat, 2-3 minutes after the hand pressure, immediately let go, look at its resilience, good resilience, fluffy and warmth is better, back Poor flexibility feather poor quality. The second is to touch the down jacket by hand, feel the softness of the hand, with or without complete small feather, if feels soft and has a complete small feather, the feather quality is also better. Third, tap down jacket, look at the needle without dust overflow, no dust overflow as a good product, if the dust overflow feather debris too much, poor thermal insulation. Finally, you can rub the front and the back of the down jacket by hand to see if there is fluff drilled, if fuzz drilled, then the use of fabric Sac de voyage femme or lining anti-drill cashmere performance is poor. Statement: The above production overwear in Guangzhou over 5% unqualified multiple brands on the black list content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the content of the source, if you have the copyright ownership Objection, please contact us, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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