Feather Fair lift down products sales boom

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Feather Fair lift down products sales boom

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:44 am

Feather Fair lift down products sales boom
Content December 5-7, 2014 The 20th China International Down \u0026 Sixth Xiaoshan International Down Fair was held at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Golden Horse International Convention and Exhibition Center. This feather feast by the China Down Industry Association and Hangzhou Xiaoshan District People's Government, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Commerce Bureau, Xintang Sub-district Office and Zhejiang Province Down Industry Association contractors. As one of the largest and most professional exhibitions cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max in the feather industry in the world, Feather Fair has become an annual feast of domestic and foreign feather industry and a hot spot for society. Few previous feather exhibition, this year's Feather Fair there is no shortage of new highlights. The first use of store energy-saving emission reduction this feather Expo site in Hangzhou (Xiaoshan) Golden Horse International Convention and Exhibition Center (the former S \u0026 M International Home Plaza), the exhibition venues are shop configuration, do not need to build a booth, basically no cost, greatly reduced Exhibitors at the same time the cost, but also to achieve energy-saving emission reduction purposes.
Golden Horse International Convention and Exhibition Center facilities, reasonable layout, Yu Bo use of a layer as an exhibition venue. The first floor of a total of 19 different area shops, scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 around 8000 square meters atrium. The shops are decorated and furnished in the form of corporate boutiques, and the atrium provides standard booths for the display of sales by enterprises. By then, feather ACAPsoft free 6.0 Fair is a large monopoly market down products, to provide ACAPsoft shoes consumers with the best consumer experience. Increase publicity to promote the use of new media This year, Yu Bo Fair publicity Xiaoshan District People's Government and Xintang streets support, promotion, intensity and coverage have increased substantially, covering industry specialties, SMS, Internet, outdoor advertising, Zhejiang The province of television, newspapers and other mainstream media, but also expanded from the Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Shaoxing and other surrounding areas. In addition, the Organizing Committee will also launch a series of support measures such as the FEB Bus, shuttle bus to and from the subway to ensure the traffic flow of the exhibition. In addition to the promotional platform for cooperation in previous years, this year's promotion of Yu-fei Fair first introduced the WeChat platform and promoted the promotion and exhibition information of exhibitors in batches. The show will also join the two-dimensional code-related activities, the use of mobile platforms to complete business and consumer interaction. The feast of the 20th anniversary celebration of the feather plume popularity In 2014, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China Down Industry Association, the association will be held during the Feather Fair 20th anniversary celebration. In addition to celebrating the association, a large number of enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the industry in the past 20 years will also be given awards and recognitions. As a ACAPsoft recognized and affirmative industry association of feather industry colleagues at home and abroad, the 20th anniversary celebration of China Feather Association will attract many domestic and foreign counterparts to participate. By then, the event and the feather bo play the occasion of each other, complement each other, bringing super popularity for the entire event, becoming the industry's unprecedented gathering. Show down products to pass down knowledge In the past 30 years, China's down industry ushered in chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 a period of rapid development. China is now the largest producer, exporter and consumer of down and products in the world. However, at present, the penetration rate of Chinese down bedding is very low, and there is still much room for development. The purpose of our feather expo is to promote the development of the market through the centralized display of down products, the promotion of excellent brands and well-known enterprises. As the largest and most professional fair in the down industry at home and abroad, this year, Yu Bo Fair will continue to work with major brands in the industry to bring not only the latest products with good quality at a low price to consumers, but also the display of related knowledge about down products at the scene. Audience publicity down feather knowledge, so that consumers recognize, recognize, agree, subscribe down products. Key brands gathered in the new boutique collection. With the continuous development of the down industry, brand building has gradually become a new target zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas for the development of the industry. In recent years, a large number of excellent brands have emerged in the industry, occupying an important position in domestic and overseas market for down products. Every year, Yu Bo Fair is a stage where excellent brands will be unveiled. This year, it will also bring spectacular feather feast to the audience. Bosideng, flying in the snow, ducks and ducks, Chi Chi, Mandarin and other down jackets and Feili Hong, Di Onda, poetry Dana, Snowman and other duvet brands will be fully present to bring the best down products. Although foreign brands have joined, so that the feather market competition has become more intense, but the Chinese down industry's professional brands are also continuously grow and develop, feather Expo is the brand display strength and brand image of the window. Xiaoshan is China's feather capital, is an important processing base for domestic feather and products, feather expo has been held in Xiaoshan for 5 consecutive years, have achieved good show performance and higher social visibility, which Xiaoshan District People's Government The strong support is inseparable. Xiaoshan District Government feather feather industry and down strong support for the Feather Fair and down the development of the industry has provided a powerful impetus to Xiaoshan down industry to enhance the visibility and influence to support the development of local pillar industries have played a positive Promote and promote the role. China Down Industry Association and Xiaoshan District People's Government will actively cooperate closely with and give full play to the brand effect of Feather Fair, and strive to the 20th China International Down Fair and the Sixth Xiaoshan International Feather Festival into a successful outcome, More unique, more successful feather industry event. Disclaimer: The above feather feather lifting lift products sales craze content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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