Down jacket is not thicker

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Down jacket is not thicker

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:47 am

Down jacket is not thicker, better fluffy, warm and strong function
Two indicators to determine the quality of down jackets 1. The amount of cashmere is a down jacket filled with all the weight ACAPsoft of the down, that is down the proportion of velvet inside. 2. Fluffiness is an important indicator of the warmth of down products in the world. Miss Zhang went to Heihe Heihe on a business trip last weekend, specifically to Chongqing, a mall to spend 700 yuan to buy a thick down jacket. But when she got there, she realized that this jacket was hard to withstand the cold at night, not as warm as a 300-plus-size cotton pad that she bought locally.
Why do not look thick enough warm jacket, down jacket warm performance in the end what is the indicator? Current market barometer, we help you choose the jacket. Down jacket price difference Reporter yesterday saw a number of shopping malls Jiefangbei, as the weather gets colder, more and more people buy jackets down. Although the industry claimed that this year's down jacket and zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas no price increases last year, but the reporter found that the same is down jacket, the price is very different. Down companies such as down clothing and apparel companies generally introduced the introduction of down products on the price difference, while domestic brands and foreign brands spread more obvious. Reporters noted that a The North Face (North) outdoor down jacket, cashmere volume of 90%, filling gray and goose down, filling velvet amount of 130 grams, the price of up to nearly 3,000 yuan, while a domestic brand Baleno Down price of less than 500 yuan, the filler is gray duck down, cashmere volume of 80%. Why the price of an outdoor down jacket and ordinary leisure brand down jacket price difference so much? To look down on the fluffy feather Chongqing Ice Floating Products Co., Ltd. in charge of product quality, said Mr. Shen, choose a good jacket depends on two indicators , One is the amount of cashmere, one is fluffy. The amount of cashmere, refers to a down jacket filled with all the weight of the down, that is down the proportion of velvet; fluffy degree is represented by the quality of filling velvet. Reporters randomly asked the chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 scene of consumers and sales staff, except for a small number of sales of outdoor sales specialized products more understanding of bulk, the majority of sales and consumers have no concept of fluffy. It is understood that the fluff is an important measure of the warmth of down products internationally, referring to the quantity of cubic inches per cubic foot of ounce (30 grams) under certain conditions. For example, an ounce of down space occupied by 600 cubic inches said down the ACAPsoft shoes fluff of 600. In general, plump, mature birds have a high loft of down feathers, whereas smaller birds have lower loft. There is a saying that the amount of cashmere and cashmere represents the amount of velvet, while the degree of loft determines the quality of velvets. In the case of filling the amount of cashmere, the higher the degree of luster, the better the warmth function. South and North choose the different standards of clothing due to the domestic requirements of the bulletin marked not forcibly, the public can only choose to go through other ways warm performance down jacket. For example, look charge velvet volume.
The city's fiber inspection experts said that the current amount of cashmere down jacket is generally more than 80%, the data show that the velvet content is 80%, while feather accounted for 20%. The expert said that in Chongqing and other southern areas, the same amount of cashmere, the charge of more than 120 grams, can play a very good warmth effect, and in areas such as the northeast and the extremely cold winter, then Need to charge more than 200 grams of wool to get a good warmth. It is understood that down can be divided into goose down and duck down, according to the color can be divided into white velvet and gray cashmere. In general, the plush feather quality is better, so we generally think that goose feather will be slightly better than duck feather. However, these kinds of velvet have a warm effect, the specific difference is not great, but the spread is larger, consumers can choose according to their needs. How to judge the quality of down jackets? Look at the best TC fabric down jacket fabrics should have anti-velvet, windproof and breathable performance, especially anti-velvet most important. In general, buy TC fabric down jacket better. Down jacket on the market currently sold in nylon taffeta and TC cloth, yarn density generally 230T above, 250T for the best. Followed by a strong slap in the hand, if a large number of flee fly out, the density must be below 230T. Feather shaving more than touch the feather down touch, if you feel a lot of hair bar, then low cashmere content, high feather content. If you can not touch the hair rod, there ACAPsoft free 6.0 may be because of flying wire. At this time, rubbing down cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max through the down jacket, if it is difficult to rub loose, then the stuffing is down, if soon rubbing loose, it is likely to be 'flying wire.' A short time to restore the good For not marked fluffy down jacket, how to determine the degree of flu it? In fact, you can use the method of folding clothes to judge. The method is to fold up the clothes, emptying all the air inside the clothes, and folding the clothes to the minimum state. Clothes can be restored within a short period of time the status quo, indicating high bulk, high cashmere content, which scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 takes a long time to restore the status quo, or difficult to restore the status quo, apparently low cashmere content, low bulkiness. Statement: The above is not down thicker the better the better the fluffy high warm functional content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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