Down jacket thin months ahead of the listing

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Down jacket thin months ahead of the listing

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:48 am

Down jacket thin months ahead of the listing
Fashionable practical 'bread service' thin down to become a down jacket Enterprise cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max product innovation direction Fall autumn, some brands of down jacket has also been shelves. The industry told reporters that as the down jacket brand innovative products, down jacket sales cycle this year in advance two or three months, ACAPsoft shoes the past bloated down jacket, now has been replaced by thin and light bread, some light warm down products, you can sell from the early autumn Winter is over. Down jacket is no longer bloated 'This one or two years, the company developed the 'bread clothes' fabrics welcomed by the market, a lot of export orders.' Wang Hong, chairman of the new Wang Hing (Fujian) Textile Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. said the company has been producing high-end fabrics Mainly in recent years, the international trend has been no longer favored bloated down jacket, but lighter and closer to the main bread, 'we produce 'bread clothes' fabrics are not currently sold in the country, only the international big-name supply.' 'Bread Service 'is the light section of the down jacket, the trend, not only the upstream and downstream enterprises to capture the textile and garment, downstream enterprises have also seen the market prospects. 'Before the sales of down jackets from November each year into the peak season, ACAPsoft free 6.0 and now we are actively developing thin down jacket, such a combination of lightness and warm clothing, so that people can wear in the early autumn when in the north, 8 Month can start selling. 'Jing Yu, head of Ya de marketing team said that in previous years, down jacket, the sales cycle is only three or four months, with the' bread 'such a light down jacket, the sales cycle can last six months or so. Reporters search several online shopping platform found that this year is not only 'bread' increased, the traditional down jacket, but also rare fur collar, most of the collar of the clothes into a 'bread collar' or hat collar. In scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 major shopping malls, fur collar down apparently less. Qiao Feng introduction of the industry, now down the product has been a bloated image of the past, the pursuit of lightweight personal effects, even underwear and other products are used on the down. '
People in the north have begun to consume feather underwear, and because of the special process, these lingerie do not appear cashmere, and warmth is very good,' she said. Wang Meihua also told reporters that today's feather fabrics are functional. 'For example, in addition to the warmth effect, may also need antistatic, more gentle, can be close to the skin, etc.,' she said. It is reported that such thin feather fabric, down jacket category is diversified direction. Waichuan down jacket more lightweight, home down jacket style and number is also more abundant. The price rose hundreds of National Down Industry Association statistics, this year the production of new down jacket only last year's 40% -45%. Industry sources said that this is affected by fur collar, duck down and other raw material prices, the general down jacket prices rose more than 100 yuan last year, good quality even point up 300-500 yuan. 'Due to the cost of raw materials, labor costs, the rate of rise, the annual price of down apparel showed a rising trend.' Qiao Feng, industry professionals said this year, down jacket was affected by the beginning of the year the impact of bird flu, raw material prices more volatile, in addition to the use of down jacket Updated fabrics, more complicated style design, the introduction of a lot of fashion elements, these design details have raised the worth of down jackets. The industry told reporters that the garment production ACAPsoft cycle are to be ahead of schedule, the beginning of the price of 350 yuan / kg of duck feathers, in May had risen to 500 yuan / kg; processed content of 90% washed down, end of last year Is 30-40,000 yuan / ton, rose to 500,000 -60 million yuan / ton in May. 'Such a rise, nature must be reflected chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 in the terminal.' An industry source said, but some garment manufacturers in order to control the increase, reducing the composition down, 'For example, the original 90% cashmere clothing, and now may be changed to 70% Cashmere, the price increase is relatively low. 'Sales sales hot Peak Joe said that due to price increases and inventory pressure two years ago, but also to zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas the down jacket sale market has brought a huge space. 'Recently, Jiangsu, Zhejiang down the area there is a brand, looking for venues in Quanzhou sale.' She said relatively normal new products in the South more popular down jacket sales, 'after all, the down jacket is not the normal wear of southerners, spend expensive Price to buy one back to wear once or twice is not cost-effective. 'She introduced the down jacket in the southern market, consumers are mainly migrant workers to return home by the end of the year, with the booming tourism market, some travel to cold places People, will also be added to their own down jacket to keep warm, 'there is a feature of Quanzhou sales, that is, people riding a motorcycle and more, these people will also consume the down jacket.' 58 cities in the site, the reporter also saw the international brand down jacket Transfer information. 'In recent years, Changshu down jacket unsalable, are transferred to the Internet to do promotional activities.' A franchise down jacket, said Xiao electricity providers, the current weather is not cold enough, the next few months will usher in consumer peak down jacket . Statement: The above down jacket thinning months ahead of listing content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once Check, we will immediately change! page flip
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