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Down 72 seventy change

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Down 72 seventy change
Content Once the mountaineering, ski suits, now transformed into a stylish commuter weapon. This season, a large number of fashion design using down material cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max emerged in the four Fashion Week T stage, Givenchy, Chanel, Peter Pilotto, Philipp Plein have different interpretation of the down jacket [day by day become more fashionable jacket, Make it suitable for any occasion, not just limited to the outdoors] Under the name of warm down jacket is a must-have in the winter, knee-down jacket wrapped ACAPsoft shoes upper body, warm feeling immediately in my heart. However, the winter dress skills lie in the sense of hierarchy, down jacket too bloated, it is difficult to meet the beauty of the heart. All along, cashmere coats and leather jackets are the winter's first choice for fashion. 'The down jacket is moving from grace to elegance, and it will become more fashionable to suit the needs of the urban population.' Riccardo Coppola, creative director at the Italian luxury leisure brand Peuterey, 'Said an interview. Not long ago, the brand, named after the Italian peak, opened its flagship store in Shanghai's Jing An Kerry Center. 'The down jacket is trendy, making it suitable for any occasion, not just outdoor,' he said. Urban tide Fan A dressed in agent, whose figure kept switching between the city and the mountains, which sounds like a spy movie, but it is Peuterey 2013 autumn and winter series of sources of inspiration. 'The influx of people is always ready to do all sorts of things, and he's at a cocktail reception right now, but the next moment may be outdoor adventures.' Coppola explains the design starting point for this season's fall and winter. Down jacket is the main style Peuterey autumn and winter fashion, from color to design have added a lot of fashion elements, such as a ACAPsoft free 6.0 3D down jacket, white fabric there are more than three kinds of gray light and dark orderly arrangement, zipper in the form of Do not have Fun, and collar with the fur to eliminate the sport itself down jacket, making it more soft and elegant. Another camouflage printing series, the tide full fame. 'From the outdoors to the city is the largest downward trend in the design,' Coppola stressed. For the metropolitan crowd, there is a limited range of clothing choices in winter, and many people need to appear on several different occasions within a day.
They are both warm-keeping and fashion-conscious. 'Beautiful frozen people' was once the main theme of T stage, such as in a warm fur coat, with a pair of open toe sandals, watching the heart Health 'cold' meaning. Last winter, because Faye Wong wore a special-shaped down jacket that Maison Martin Margiela crossed the line with H \u0026 M, the once-worn down jacket returned to the public eye and beauty could no longer 'freeze' people. Faye Wong or Moncler enthusiasts, often wearing different styles of Moncler Street shoot the mirror, but also led the outdoor brand buying panic. People find that down jacket is no longer only the color, length, filling velvet thickness difference, it is also more and more sense of design. Moncler on the style has a wonderful evolution, collage of different materials, wool, feather, fur mix and match grafting, it has more urban atmosphere. Interestingly, in the 1980s, Moncler buyers were high salaries, and the clothes were only used for skiing. Until 1999, more power was brought to the brand by Remo Ruffini) as the creative director's first show, sports apparel for the impact of the fashion circle was realized. Once the mountaineering, ski wear, now transformed into a stylish commuter weapon, this season a large number of fashion design using down material fashion appeared in the four Fashion Week T stage, Givenchy, Chanel, Peter Pilotto, Philipp Plein made down jacket Different interpretations, including fabric innovation, decoration and details of the innovation. Coppola said his favorite single item this season is a ski jacket, which surface is treated with high-tech waterproof wool fabric, which is filled by down, should be static and dynamic. 'Even with a suit or a slim cut pants, down jacket is not the slightest sense of discomfort, and the influx of people is now so matched.' He said. Printed walking in the streets of Shanghai, full of yellow-green, fold wrinkled light down jacket, a large part of UNIQLO works. The advantage of this down jacket is the liberation of the bloated body of women in the winter. Coppola also admitted that thin and warm is the eternal research and development theme down jacket. 'Heavy' is the popular focus of autumn and winter 2013 bridges, as if the more the outline of the expansion, the more dense stuffing, can walk in the forefront of fashion. The first is the part of the collar joined the raised cushion, making it more inflated. DKNY, Peter Pilotto, Ralph Lauren have adopted the A letter bread collar design, neckline is not more publicity, is constantly expanding to both sides, ACAPsoft well wrapped around the neck. Some brands such as Tom Ford, Custo Barcelona in the collar at the use of fur stitching way, so that people down jacket Suddenly fur coat of extravagance. Thick, stacked sense of the neckline design, usually with the waist line design, access to a weight of a light visual balance.
Most of the down jackets this season with the waist cut, A word hem contour, or prominent decorative belt prominent curve, upper body expansion and contraction of the lower body to form a contrast, but highlights the female gesture Miao Man. In addition, irregular cut, soft vest, a chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 variety of wool stitching in the design are also commonplace. Jaguar down jacket and wool low-key matt to form a huge contrast, not only coordination, but also a range of children, which is probably also ingenious fit down jacket. For down jackets, designers are not zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas rigidly attached to the use of color, this season whether it is traditional black, beige, white, and even bright blue, red, are common, and silver and gold contrast tone combinations are also very popular. 'Down the highlight of the moment to fashion the most fashion printing.' Coppola assert. Although Peuterey and sports, travel associated with high brand, down jacket design also incorporates camouflage and animal prints, and other show elements on the more exaggerated elements, such as Norma Kamali long paragraph down jacket, style Although normal, but thanks to the eye-catching patterns, only scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 spread the feeling of bloated. Peter Pilotto is good at printing, this season will be printed and plain fabric splicing, the 3D effect lines and even 3D printing technology used to design down jacket, unique visual and block division, so down jacket presents a different sense of general thin, Looks very out of shape, and even a bit like a thick jacket, and waist umbrella decorated with a corset of visual effects, but the combination of different colors actually make the autumn and winter series with a bright spring and summer. Moncler last year will be leopard patterns, plaid and landscape photos printed on the jacket, this year is not only the continuation of this practice, but also the use of a large number of fur stitching, precious stones inlaid and other expressions, impressive. In addition, it has partnered with Miss Mary Katrantzon to launch a special line called Moncler M Among them, Mary Cattleland to the signature kaleidoscope pattern, rich color and tailored profile, the long down jacket to create as if senior custom dress in general, amazing. Statement: The above seventy-two down content down by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us, once verified , We will change it! page flip
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