Down velvet cashmere amount not less than 50%

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Down velvet cashmere amount not less than 50%

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:49 am

Down velvet cashmere amount not less than 50%
Content cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max Yesterday was 'World Standard Day', Shenyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Standard Day Propaganda Week kicked off activities, quality supervision departments at the event site for down clothing, student supplies and other daily necessities to explain to the public and daily life are closely related zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas to the standardization of knowledge. Down Jacket: cashmere content is ACAPsoft not less than 50% express value Down clothing is a variety of clothing with down as the main filler. National standards: gb / t14272-2011 'down clothing' provides for the selection of raw materials such as fabric, lining, sutures, buttons and accessories.
Down cashmere cashmere clothing express scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 the value of not less than 50% of the finished charge ACAPsoft shoes of cashmere volume and the value of the deviation of not less than -5.0%, the provisions of the finished products down warp and weft yarn to the bar on the grid, color, appearance defects, Sewing, sewing strength, color fastness and other physical and chemical indicators to make a level. Quality supervision reminder: When you purchase, you should pay attention to check the label of down clothing, with the focus on the indicated amount of cashmere, lining, fabric fiber content and content; but also pay attention to whether its workmanship is fine, whether there is color, defects, each Parts of the bar, whether the symmetry of the warp and weft yarns. In addition, the quality of the filler is the most concerned about the consumer, down is chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 born in ducklings, goose body surface or into ACAPsoft free 6.0 ducks, goose is the base of feather, feather soft, feather branchlets slender, not petal-shaped hair.
Therefore, the touch feels soft and feel the integrity of the small pieces, after the release should be quick to rebound after compression, rubbing plush drilling, and no smell, light weight, good size. Statement: The above Yurong Fu cashmere amount of not less than 50% Content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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