Down jacket brand Bosideng revenue fell over the four-trap

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Down jacket brand Bosideng revenue fell over the four-trap

Postby onlylove111 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:51 am

Content 548 retail stores closed in the first three quarters of this year, no obvious results in 'non-down business' In 2015, the apparel industry described as the most difficult year of transition, which is very appropriate. Although the closure of shops as early as several years ago, but from this year's situation, frequently thousands of off the shop figure, or really impressive. Closure, or heralding exit from the market, may mean a new exploration. In any case, the arrival of tide shops are worth our consideration and research. In response, the Cheung Kong Commercial Daily launched a series of 'Focusing on the Year of the Water and Fire in the Apparel Industry' series to conduct an in-depth investigation and study on the apparel industry in 2015 and sort out the status quo, challenges and opportunities of the brands. Down jackets revenue fell more than 40%, as a leader in the down jacket business, this year or Bosideng International Holdings Limited (Bosideng) the most difficult year of transition. According to a recent mid-term report released by Bosideng, as of September 30, the company's profit plummeted 48.3%, which is already the second profit plunge warning issued so far after the plunge of 33% in March this year.
At the same time, the Bosideng large-scale closure of the number of franchised stores is also regrettable, as of September 30, the total number of its down jacket retail outlets net decrease of 548 to 6051. In this regard, the industry said Bosideng 'non-down business,' yet to see significant results. The first three quarters of net clearance stores 548 'Bosideng in Hubei Province and enterprises have done some women's orders, but the sale is not good, then many goods have been returned.' December 9, in Wuhan doing apparel business for many years Ms. Zhou Disclosure to reporters, Bosideng sales performance in Wuhan is not satisfactory. Ms. Zhou said: 'Now many companies in Wuhan are afraid to cooperate with them.' Reporter learned that the past two years since the Bosideng Wuhan part of the clothing store has ceased to exist chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 or attached to the 'transfer' notice, in the market Saturated, consumption slowed down, the impact of e-commerce, customs store became the frustration of many traditional clothing stores. And claimed to be the country's largest, most advanced production equipment brand down jacket manufacturers are also faced with profit plunge, the stores have closed the situation. According to Bosideng released interim results showed that as of September 30, 2015, Bosideng down jacket business retail net total net decrease of 548 to 6051, of which net self-banking outlets to reduce 123 to 2404, the third-party dealer retail outlets Net decrease of 425 to 3647. The proportion of retail outlets operated by self-employed and third-party distributors was 39.7% and 60.3% respectively. During the Reporting Period, net profit of Bosideng plummeted 48.3% from RMB252.7 million in the same period of last year to RMB 130.7 million. The EPS recorded a decrease of 48.7% to 1.63 points from 3.18 points in the same period of last year. Bosideng Group said that with the impact of the domestic macroeconomic environment and the fact that the Group continued to actively clean up inventories and implement more stringent production planning during the period, overall revenue declined. The cost of reducing inventories by reducing profits is to face declining revenue. At present, Bosideng's main business is divided into three sections: down jacket business, OEM business management and non-down jacket business. During the Reporting Period, the branded down apparel business remained the largest source of revenue for the Group, accounting for 47.2% ACAPsoft of the Group's revenue while the remaining 37.5% and 15.3% respectively came from the OEM and non-downwear businesses. In order to expedite the liquidation of inventories, Bosideng used some third-party distributors during the off-season to sell off-season or off-leased stores in the first half of the year and set up temporary stores to sell and supply the second-hand goods. Distributing the operating expenses by distributors, on the other hand, will save distribution costs for the Group as well as increase sales channels to clean up inventories. Through inventory cleansing and strict production planning, Bosideng's total inventories decreased by nearly 400 million yuan to 2.052 billion yuan from the same period of last year, a drop of 14.8%. In addition, the average inventory turnover days from the original 271 days to 221 days, a substantial reduction of 50 days. In this regard, an apparel industry analysts pointed out that to some extent, this reflects Bosideng a series of clean-up inventory measures by-effect, so that stocks realized faster. Although inventories have been realized, they are based on the reduction of new product output and the sales price of secondhand goods. As a result, the drop in revenue from down apparel business directly caused the net profit to hit scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 Waterloo. Bosideng large-scale closure of the store is only a microcosm of the tide of the garment industry closed shop, this began in the traditional brand of shop tide, has now spread to the leisure brand, down jacket brand or even the entire industry. 'Domestic apparel brands are being replaced by fast fashion brands,' a garment industry insiders exclaimed. In fact, the domestic down jacket brand is now facing multiple challenges, such as market saturation, e-commerce impact, price war intensified also led to the days of apparel manufacturers as before. The industry believes that the domestic clothing brand is very similar to the way home, most clothing companies have adopted the strategy of increasing the number of stores to profit, with the surge in the number of stores, the clothing market is almost saturated, it is difficult to accommodate too many shops, clothing Business had to shop closed for survival. In addition, with the rapid expansion of e-commerce channels, the store was once predicted to be 'completely reduced to a line fitting room.' Some consumers choose the style in the store, instead online to buy. As a result, Bosideng, once in pursuit of profit growth and new stores appear to be 'crazy', neither to achieve the purpose of more shops to increase profits, but need to take on more store expansion costs, with the product material costs, labor costs , The growing cost of stores, product profits are compressed, Bosideng profit situation is indeed worrying. Compared with international brands, Chinese apparel brands do not occupy advantages in sales channels and distribution channels, leading to a serious squeeze in the space for high-end development of Chinese down apparel brands. Insiders admitted that Bosideng inventories increased sharply is the main hidden dangers, a substantial increase in the proportion of inventory, to some extent, that its terminal sales weakness. With the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, increasing individual demand, more and more fast fashion brand, foreign fashion brand beachhead Bosideng down market, which is down to the main business of Bosideng, no doubt Is a huge challenge. 'A garment industry insiders told reporters. Price war will continue to undertake non-down business transformation Down boss Bosi also aware of the 'crisis' lies. Bosideng side once told the media, Bosideng's zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas goal is to become multi-brand integrated apparel operators in the brand development, the future goal is to increase the proportion of non-down jacket business, the current sales of women's brands have significantly improved in the future do not rule out the adoption Cooperation and even the acquisition of the form of development of women's clothing. Down jacket due to the seasonal strong, Bosideng down jacket business seems difficult to support the development of enterprises, so Bosideng began to explore more growth points of development, to enhance the development and development of non-feather field. In 2008 Bosideng set up a non-down four seasons clothing team and embarked on the road to restructuring; in May 2009, Bosideng listed in Hong Kong wholly-owned investment Bosideng Jiangsu Garment Development Co., Ltd. entered the men's business areas; early 2011, Bosideng through the capital increase Expansion of the way has held a 56% stake in the 'Moro' brand and Shanghai Lamborghini 51% stake in children's products, expanding leisure apparel and children's wear business; then established cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max to down jacket as the ACAPsoft free 6.0 core, to achieve multi-brand, four seasons The '3 + 1' strategy of globalization and internationalization. However, 'Four Seasons' strategy now seems to have not seen much effect. To industry observers, Bosideng's reform initiatives aimed at 'going seasonally' have had little effect. Bosideng's sub-brands are grouped into different categories, each specializing in industry, but have limited marketing resources due to over-branding, resulting in the identification Sex is not strong, the lack of brand appeal, non-down jacket business is slow, Bosideng end is down jacket manufacturer. However, Bosideng still has great expectations for non-down business. In the future, the Group will also actively look for new business and opportunities for foreign cooperation, including the introduction of strategic investors that will help and enhance the Group's business so as ACAPsoft shoes to further enhance the Group's strength in operation, management and mergers and acquisitions and become a multi-brand integrated Garment operators goal. Statement: The above down jacket brand Bosideng revenue fell over the four trap transformation Winter content by the 'China Clothing Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you have any objection to the ownership of this article, Please contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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