'Music · Yu': Bosideng collar 20 years show feather fancy

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'Music · Yu': Bosideng collar 20 years show feather fancy

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The life form is to explore the definition of natural spirits and self-extremes, transforming daily exercise into an immersive experience. The theme of this season is to be pleased, to release mind and body, to obtain the sense of pleasure and accomplishment gained by jumping over barriers. Through the structural shaping, the touch protection, the soft material and the retro design, the combination of sports and fashion Normalization. March 28, the leading Chinese textile and apparel brand 'Bosideng' in the Beijing Hotel Golden Hall dress released 'Le Yu' - 2016 autumn and winter clothing trends. 60 new down jacket 28 models in the interpretation of the top of the sparkling, chic sports popular elements give the brand sunshine vitality, showing Bosideng fashion trends in the study and version design keen insight. Bosideng for 20 consecutive years (1997-2016) the only representative of China's winter clothes to release the world trend, to expand China's own brand social influence and international fashion discourse make outstanding contributions. Li, Chairman of China Fashion Association, represented the China International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, China Fashion Association to Bosideng Group awarded the 'fashion release leading brand' certificate of honor.
Bosideng brand founder, Bosideng Group Chairman Gao Dekang said that the development of a brand vitality and fashion-oriented, not because of a long time release of fashion trends, but rather keep pace with the times, innovation, and create new consumer demand , Make people's life better. 'We should attach importance to the stimulating effect of creative research and development ACAPsoft shoes on the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, make products with professional attitude and craftsmanship, enhance product quality zapatillas ACAPsoft factory baratas and value with creative innovation, and create new business cards of high quality and high quality Chinese brands.' 'Yue Yu Yue' : New Trend of Exercise Trend In recent years, the trend of fashion movement intensified gradually become a mainstream way of life. The life form lies in exploring the definition of natural spirits and self-extremes, transforming the daily exercise into an immersive experience. Joy Slow is a source of inspiration for Bosideng's season theme 'Le Yu', aiming to delight, release the body and mind, the pleasure and accomplishment gained when crossing obstacles, and return to human nature. Bosideng season series designed to emphasize the body structure and touch-sensitive protection, attention to the safety of exercise. At the same time the use of functional materials, such as quick-drying breathable and three anti-fabric, etc., to reflect the comfort of exercise. In the use of color emphasizes the combination of movement, chaussure ACAPsoft air max 97 such as jumping lemon yellow, quiet gray water blue and achromatic color coupled with the trend pattern embellishment, so that ACAPsoft the movement and the trend together. Behind the theme of the release is a pursuit of excellence, hard-working professional design team. Since 1997, 'Top Ten China Fashion Designers', Ms. Zhu Lin, the vice president and chief product creative director of Bosideng Group, has presided over the research and theme release of China's winter clothes. She led the Bosideng design team for 20 years as a painstaking research and development of down feather art and clothing design, the fashion trend into the fabric, style, costumes, ancillary and other aspects of the bloated plain ski sweater scarpe ACAPsoft donne 2017 made the core of the autumn and winter apparel market Product category - down jacket, more sublimation of a across age, region and even the world's fashion ACAPsoft free 6.0 power. At present, Bosideng has developed into a multi-brand integrated apparel business with down apparel as the main business. Bosideng Down apparel has won the top sales in the Chinese market for 21 years (1995-2015). Bosideng brand value ranked the first in China for three consecutive years (2013-2015) First in the apparel industry. Zhu Lin said that with the concept of designers, clothing materials continue to emerge, by increasing the amount of cashmere down jacket, the selection of fashion windbreaker, the introduction of other types of materials, down jacket and fur, wool products and other categories of smaller and smaller, down jacket Can be thinner, lighter, warmer, and more brilliant. In particular, the fabric types of down jackets nowadays are extremely rich. Waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-UV, high density and the like are also more superior in functionality, providing designers unprecedented space for creative inspiration. This cross-border mashup style and material science innovation, so that fashion and thin warm performance in the down jacket to achieve a perfect unity. Pioneer of 20 years: creative design points to the future 'Bosideng debuted on the stage of China International Fashion Week in 1997. At that time, our understanding of fashion was very simple, that is,' Visual Beauty. 'Twenty years later, Looking back on people's life changes, fashion should also include first thinking, harmony and cultural consciousness. 'Zhu Lin said. Creative design is the driving force for the prosperity of industrial development, but also the garment industry to promote 'supply-side reform,' the starting point.
At present, the trend of accelerating consumption upgrading in the apparel industry is obvious. In the globalization market competition, Chinese brands can no longer rely on the traditional low-cost competition. Instead, they should turn their attention to brand and quality, attach importance to product innovation and cultural connotations, satisfy consumers' multi- Diversified needs. High Dekang sentiment deepest: 'Now the society is too much noise, precipitation is too small, impatient impatient consumers really can not make the product. We should focus on cultivating an international team of designers and innovative team, in the creative , Innovation, breakthrough in design, technology, pattern and fabric to improve supply capacity and level, meanwhile fully embrace creative design, intelligent manufacturing, service upgrade and transformation of '+ internet' to cultivate and enhance brand influence and market competitiveness. According to reports, since last year established the 'fashion + quality + warm' brand positioning, advocating 'quality +' product innovation thinking, pushing color feather, thermal insulation and other fall and winter new products, Function of the material, heat storage function of the lock, to meet the diverse needs of consumers and experience wear. Bosideng autumn down cheap ACAPsoft shoes air max innovative design, fabrics and colors, to create and lead the light down jacket market space expansion and industrial development, has won the 'China Textile Industry Federation Product Development Award', 'the first China Light Industry Outstanding Design Award', reflecting The creative driving force for the transformation and development of enterprises. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Bosideng's establishment of a factory and a new starting point for reshaping the brand and prospering the market. Bosideng will promote the development of enterprises and other national strategies such as 'supply-side reform', 'Internet +', 'The Belt and Road', and 'Made in China 2025' Closely integrated, rely on independent innovation and scientific and technological progress, speed up the adjustment of the structure, improve efficiency and brand to go out of pace, enhance consumer brand identity. At the same time, speeding up the cross-border industrial chain cooperation and resource integration, and promoting the international team to build and overseas sales of their own brands laid a good foundation for the transformation of 'becoming a world-renowned operator of world-renowned integrated clothing brands.' Source: Bosideng family
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