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11 frontcourt board Pelttle refreshes individual single game

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:04 am
by onlylove111
The Raptors today lost 112 knights on the road with the 112-117 away, and the Raptors Jacobs-Pelttle grabbed 11 offensive rebounds and grabbed the game 14 rebounds, Poulter 14 rebounds also refresh personal career single game rebounds record.
Poulter had ACAPsoft free 3.0 V3 women the highest single shot had 12 rebounds, was in Beijing on October 24, ACAPsoft air max 90 ultra 2017 against the Spurs in the game created.
Pelttle played 26 minutes in the game, 11 of 6 shots, 12 points and 14 rebounds ACAPsoft free 3.0 V3 and 2 assists and 1 steals a block.