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Barkley: Bauer is a good boy

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:20 am
by onlylove111
Barkley: Bauer is a good boy, but his father gave him too much pressure
Tom Barkley today accepted the TMZ sports interview, he said, although he is Ronzo - Bauer fans, but if they were born in the same age to play, he will not ACAPsoft air max 90 ultra Make him better.
'I will disrupt his thoughts, and there is no doubt that I will keep ACAPsoft free 3.0 V3 women talking to him about his father's thing,' Barkley said.
'I think he is a good boy, he will be a very outstanding player, but his father gave him too much pressure, he let people do not like him, now, he let everyone do not like his son, he It is not a good thing for the son to come to deal with these things now, 'said Barkley.
Barkley also said that Powell before the game's high light performance is not count, because he is against the bad sun.
Talking about the sun, ACAPsoft free 3.0 V3 Barkley talked about the allegedly want to leave the team Eric - Blaiseo.
'You have to pay you for a year, and you should not say that 'I do not want to stay here.' You have to go quietly, you can not say online, you can not do that, too bad.' Barkley said The