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Davis left knee without structural damage

PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:30 am
by onlylove111
Davis left ACAPsoft free 3.0 V7 knee without structural damage, will be included in the daily watch list
According to NBA reporters Shams Charania reports, sources said pelican star Anthony Davis injured left knee without structural damage, his knee swelling, will be included in the daily observation List.
Today the pelican is on the road 93-103 loss to the ACAPsoft free 5.0 V3 women pioneer, Davis left knee injury in the game off.
According to reporter David Aldridge's previous ACAPsoft free 5.0 report, pelican head coach Gentry said Davis's nuclear magnetic resonance results were negative (no structural damage), local time on Wednesday they will get more detailed injuries reported.
Davis played 5 minutes before leaving, get 2 points and 1 rebounds.