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Why haven't I received a reply or a registration code?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:32 pm
by Siegfried
We have received many EMails (and even a few registrations) with invalid EMail addresses. Conversely, sometimes our EMail will not be received by you for various reasons. There have been a few times where we have sent four or more EMails to the address given, but none have been received. If you have not received a reply within 24 hours try sending another EMail to us, from a different EMail address if possible, or use this forum. Remember that due to time zone differences registrations can take up to twelve hours to process, with under four hours being more common. (We're based in Australia.)

What can cause problems?

1. Spam filters - If you run a spam filter on your computer then there is a good chance it will see our mail as spam. To prevent this add our EMail ( to your EMail address book. Most spam filters will not spam EMails from a known source. Some ISPs (such as AOL, Comcast, and SBC Global) are notoriously aggressive at doing the de-spamming for you. If you have an ISP like that you probably should give us a different EMail; it's easy to get another free one via GMail/Hotmail/Yahoo.

2. EMail Challenge-Response systems - If you use one of these we make no guarantee that you will receive a reply from us. Some systems will not expect responses from people in your EMail address book, but others require everyone to authenticate themselves. If you use one of these services you will find that many companies will not respond to the challenge, and we are no exception. For more information on these services please refer to this page.

3. Incorrect EMail given - If your buying software please be sure that the EMail the payment processor has is the correct one. (The easy way to tell is whether you receive a receipt from them or not.) Unless told otherwise, we send Registration Code to that EMail, as we have no way of knowing any better.

4. Attachment limits - Many attachments, especially "exe" files, are not allowed via some services. (GMail for example.)

We do reply to every EMail. Honest.