2000 Days of Break!

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2000 Days of Break!

Postby Siegfried » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:16 pm

Today was my 2000th day of logging work with Break! It has come a long way since I first started using it; at first the work log function was just on or off, but soon work types were added, targets, micro breaks... now it has a near unlimited number of work types and even auto target!

The funny thing about Break is that it taught me that I wasn't using my time as well as I thought. Time can really drag when you're working... and the opposite is even more true. Raw numbers are hard to argue with and as a result I ended up working more... when I thought I'd actually be able to justify to myself less! It also highlighted that those 10 minutes away from the computer here and there add up, making it easy to have the computer on for half the day doing nothing. With the later versions due to the increased number of work types I was also able to realise what jobs were productive and what ones were time wasters.

I can now quite proudly say that I am sure I spend more time on the computer working than not working, am doing more productive work during that time, and that I am wasting less energy by not leaving my computer running for no reason as much. 2000 cheers for Break! :lol:
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