Features 1, safety and environmental protection

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Features 1, safety and environmental protection

Postby qizhen111 » Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:22 am

<p>used is light steel keel, to do anti-rust treatment, and the keel leveling. 5, to ensure that the keel installation density is reasonable, there is no tilt of the case, the installation of the base liner, the basic liner is generally recommended with 5mm multi-layer board or nine plywood, installed firmly. 6, with the appropriate hardware hanging pieces installed in advance to prepare the green wood ceiling. Second, the green can be wooden ceiling decoration Note 1, green </p>
<p>wood ceiling material in the handling should be careful not to pressure, bending and hard objects scratch the surface. 2, the installation of the site to pay attention to the environmental requirements, not damp, soaked in water, pay attention to the lining and keel material selection to ensure that the overall moisture, water, pest control and flame retardant effect. 3, the installation of the keel and the use of the gap should be 30cm, when the fixed overweight </p>
<p>products, the spacing should be smaller. According to the specific installation site and installation method to select the appropriate accessories to install the firmness. 4, in the installation of curved shape of the ceiling, pay attention to the packaging of the demolition and installation, to avoid the occurrence of artificial broken and tear, the overall green wood can pay attention to focus and collision. The above content is home Xiaobian introduced green wood ceiling </p>
<p>how to clean veranda guard decking<br />
plastic tongue and groove decking boards<br />
dura decking tiles canada</p>
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