stone floor The surface of a layer of special

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stone floor The surface of a layer of special

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:29 am

<p>recovery, the foot feel comfortable is called &quot;soft ground gold&quot;, while the stone The floor has a strong impact resistance, for heavy impact damage has a strong elastic recovery, will not cause damage. Excellent stone floor to minimize the damage to the human body, and can spread the impact of the foot, the latest research data show that people in the larger flow of space paved with excellent stone floor, the staff The rate of falls and injuries was nearly 70% lower </p>
<p>than that of other floors. 5, super anti-talc stone floor of the wear layer has a special anti-skid, and compared with ordinary ground materials, stone floor in the case of sticky water foot more astringent, not easy to slide, The more astringent water. Therefore, public safety requirements in public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. is the preferred ground decoration materials, in China has been very popular. 6, fire and flame quality of </p>
<p>qualified stone floor fire indicators up to B1 level, B1 level that fire performance is very good, second only to the stone. Stone flooring itself will not burn and can prevent burning; high-quality stone floor in the passive ignition of the smoke generated by the smoke will never harm, will not produce toxic and harmful gases (according to the security sector Of the number of people in the fire: 95% of the people who are injured are due to the toxic fumes and gases </p>
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