other characteristics, is widely

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other characteristics, is widely

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:47 am

<p>deliberately finishing the linen floor Install the four major points for everyone to install linen floor reference. First, flat that flat, with 2m ruler inspection, the surface concavity should not be greater than 2mm. If the grass-roots level, easy to make post-paste into a wave-shaped, Alice, hollowing. Another adhesive in the small particles of impurities, but also make the surface layer of the local arch, resulting in uneven. Second, dry that is dry. Paving the base of residual </p>
<p>water (moisture content) should not be greater than 3% cm. When the grass-roots moisture content of more than 3% paving the elastic floor layer is easy to empty, this is because the nausea in the grass-roots water, and gradually accumulate in the future, when reached a certain extent, the weak part of the surface will arch From the fact that the bond is not strong and delamination, resulting in surface layer hollowing. Therefore, with the cement mixture laying the </p>
<p>grass, after the completion of the construction of the provisions of conservation, and should strengthen the ventilation and dry. The first layer should be set to isolate the moisture barrier, ordinary concrete floor can not meet its moisture requirements, should be added in the concrete layer of a layer of moisture barrier, commonly used coil, asphalt and other gas barrier material for the seaside movement pressure water through the capillary Hole and siphon caused the </p>
<p>eco fence plinth<br />
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3m anti slip tape installation composite stairs</p>
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