the inorganic material

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the inorganic material

Postby qizhen111 » Thu Sep 21, 2017 6:14 am

<p>Advantages mainly by the inorganic material composition, fire / flame resistance; through the fire level (6mm above) and fire 1 hour (9mm above) detection. Its thermal conductivity is low, good heat insulation, with thermal insulation effect. Water resistance and gypsum board almost. Long-term moisture is not quality, suitable for Taiwan's tropical climate, with the same regulation of Combination of Plastic and Wood wood function. Material stability is excellent, for the temperature and humidity expansion and contraction changes long-term unaffected, for the wall cancer with resistance, long life. Has a very good sound insulation effect, can effectively block the noise above 46dB value.</p><p> Installation and construction is easy, light weight, you can use the general woodworking tool cutting, you can use How Much Does Old Tongue And Groove Cost Asia-pacific self-tapping screws or calcium silicate board dedicated expansion screw fixed to the light steel frame or more glue, air gun nail way fixed. Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board installation and fixation According to the design drawings and the actual construction of the plate cutting and opening, if necessary, the scene for chamfering</p><p> fiber reinforced calcium silicate board two long sides are ready to do Angle treatment, but when the wall is higher than 244 cm, the short side of the fiber-reinforced calcium silicate board horizontal seam must be chamfered at the site in Timber Composite 6 X 6 Custom for Balcony order to better handle the seam. When the wall is laid, the longitudinal sides of the board are fixed on the vertical keel. </p><p>When the plate is docked, it should be close to the ground, and the joints on both sides of the wall should be staggered and can not fall on the same keel. The Fixed fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, the plate and the keel should be pre-drilling, aperture diameter than the tapping screw diameter of 1 cm, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board with self-tapping screws, fixed from the middle of the plate to the Peripherally fixed, all screw head should sink into the board 1 cm. When installing the doors and windows around the board, the slabs can not fall on the keel with the horizontal and vertical frames on WPC Balcony Floor - Seven Trustthe ground to avoid frequent cracks in the doors and windows.</p>
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