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artificial stone

Postby qizhen111 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:39 am

<p>Use and characteristics of artificial stone can only be used in principle in the interior (unless its adhesive is not a resin, Universal Stone artificial stone can be used in the outdoor wall, ground and table, can be divided into ground (floor), facade Surface, table, table, etc.), while the marble and quartz stone characteristics caused by the use of the vinyl lattice panels 4x8 manufacturers india proportion of the gap.Overall, because it is industrial products, artificial stone structure than natural stone to the Stable, in the water absorption</p><p> structural strength of the average are good on many aspects, and the appearance is more consistent, in a large number of use do not have to worry about the color and the gap between the problem. Artificial marble to use the most indoor floor, interior wall Marble is one of plastic timber floor waterproof the mainstream products of commercial space flooring, such as department stores, stores and other places the use of the floor is very high, the other residential or hotel lobby will be a lot of use.</p><p>
Since the raw material is marble, the Mohs hardness of wooden composite fence dubai the product is in the range of about 3-4, the use will be scratched, but it is also easy to re-polish, under normal circumstances can use more than ten years or even twenty Year, this is an excellent place for this type of product than tiles. The largest market for artificial quartz is the table, the floor usage is much worse, and the wall is very rare to use the case. </p><p>As the man-made table is the most widely used man-made stone at home, so both domestic and foreign man-made stone more and more specifically refers to "home table with artificial quartz stone" trend.
Quartz stone Mohs hardness of up to 7, so more difficult to scratch, but also difficult to maintain, but the general home will rarely ask people to do stone maintenance, it will produce marble for Wood Plastic Products With Healty Life commercial places, quartz stone for The phenomenon of home place.</p>
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