very different. As I used to treat this material

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very different. As I used to treat this material

Postby qizhen111 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:40 pm

<p>maintain a certain slope, to ensure that the future drainage along In addition to the use of law-abiding wells and horizontal flat vertical paving, the wood tiles there are a variety of wood tiles Paving way, such as herringbone, oblique line and I-shaped, etc. and other methods to pave the way. So before the ordinary must communicate with the designer, choose a good way to pave the way. 2, leveling treatment to determine a good program, it should be to the ordinary </p>
<p>wood tiles on the ground or wall leveling, and immediately in the shop before the graffiti brick, the shop should be paved to the surface or wall surface for processing. Such as the ground, interior walls, facades and so on. Eliminate the surface of the attachment, with a mixture of semi-wet cement pavement. 3, elastic line that is a long line with a long line, coated with white and gray ink, to determine the axis of the brick, and then by line shop paste. 4, the election </p>
<p>brick to see the plot of the brick shop varieties, selected out of different categories. For example, shop graffiti brick, on the wall of wood grain brick, foot line of wood tiles, etc. to distinguish between, so as not to shop up and confused. 5, soaked brick brick and polished tiles, antique brick to soak the water, use tap water or water, can not use muddy water or dirty water, but can not use oil; soaking time without too long, that is, Soak it. &amp; nbsp; &amp; nbsp; </p>
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