body of the wax, oil, dirt, tea and other clean

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body of the wax, oil, dirt, tea and other clean

Postby qizhen111 » Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:23 pm

<p>methods, Please see below. First, the iron wood cutting board before the use of maintenance 1, can be placed in a pot of iron wood cutting board can not put the chopper plate surface of the clean water, and then put in the water into the amount of salt, under normal circumstances is half a catty To a pound, stir evenly, and then into the wood cutting board, continuous soak for a month. 2, with salt water soak for a month, the wood cutting board in the water to dry, </p>
<p>and then the vegetable oil to boil, with the cloth stained with hot oil evenly wipe the two sides of the wood cutting board, and other oil to dry. Second, the iron and wood cutting board when the daily maintenance of 1, because it is the wood material, should not let it has been idle in a dry state, so the beginning of the use of cutting board after the best use every day, so that the anvil to absorb moisture; after each use , Should avoid high temperature, is strictly </p>
<p>prohibited wind and sun. If the chopping block in case of chaos, as long as the bubble soak in a few hours will heal, does not affect its quality and use, often used for a period of time after the wood stereotypes, cutting board is not easy to dry, durable. 2, after the use of chopping board, to clean and then placed in the shade, if the room is relatively dry, then it is best to double-cutting board, with a moist and clean towel covered in the above, this can reduce the </p>
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