Muyu stone tea. First, what is the wooden fish

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Muyu stone tea. First, what is the wooden fish

Postby qizhen111 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:24 am

<p>table and pine table as two different solid wood dining table, which in the end they are better? Here we take a look at the oak table and pine table comparison, which is better. Oak table of the main material oak is a beech family of plants, elegant color and beautiful texture, excellent touch, while excellent toughness, according to the need to make a variety of bending changes, aesthetics strong. Quality, practical long life, high grade, suitable for the production of </p>
<p>various European-style, Chinese classical furniture, thick condensate solid comparable to mahogany furniture, but the price is cheaper than mahogany furniture. In addition, the oak also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, with its manufacture of the table in a waterproof advantage, useful long life. And compared to the pine table, although the same with a natural color, clear the texture and practicality, thermal conductivity, pine furniture, there are many </p>
<p>shortcomings are not suitable as LEGO room furniture. For example, pine furniture, wood soft, easy to crack, the most important thing is that pine furniture in the case of high water content is easy to crack. In the restaurant at any time need to keep clean environment, the moisture content is very large. Pine furniture, this feature determines the actual life is not long. Second, the pine table is extremely sensitive to sunshine, in the maintenance than the oak table more effort. In </p>
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