make the living room environment rich In the change

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make the living room environment rich In the change

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:59 am

<p>Remove the tongue plate, repair the tongue with a chisel, adjust the position of the door lock and then install the tongue. In addition, the direction of opening the door to meet the requirements. 3, doors and windows sets to have grass-roots materials inside and outside the door and window sets to have grass-roots materials, window cover with blockboard or MDF production, the first base plate should be fixed in the window frame keel, and then nail lines; It is </p>
<p>appropriate to make the frame made of wood, planing, planing straight, and then assembled to install on the wall, and then cover the grass-roots board and decorative panels. Hand knock on the side panels of the window and window cover, if issued empty drums, it shows that the bottom of the baseboard without mats and other grass-roots sheet, should be removed from the redo. 4, doors and windows can not be deformed doors and windows fan to Founder, </p>
<p>can not warp deformation, doors and windows have just plug into the door window frame, and doors and windows frame coincide, if the doors and windows fan and the box gap, mainly because the installation is not allowed or Door and window frame and the ground is not vertical, the door and window fan can be unloaded to re-plan, such as the door frame is not vertical, should be in the frame plate gasket straight. 5, hinge position correctly hinge to the location </p>
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