sliding door will appear Drift, there is not

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sliding door will appear Drift, there is not

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:27 am

<p>large or too small are not good, height: 80cm ~ 180cm the best, too afraid of the strength of the door is not good enough. Three wardrobe size, if it is three door shift wardrobe, the length of the best for the 240CM ~ 360CM between the size of each sliding door for the 80CM ~ 120CM for the best, the door is too small effect does not look good, sliding door will appear Drift, there is not the strength of the feeling enough, so we do in the overall wardrobe, </p>
<p>we must consider doing a few sliding door better. Second, three solid wood wardrobe Features 1, health and environmental protection: solid wood wardrobe because of its use to avoid excessive use of some adhesives, health and environmental performance above the more superior. 2, durable: the authority of the survey shows that the life of solid wood furniture is ordinary board wood furniture more than four to five times. 3, modeling exquisite: solid wood </p>
<p>wardrobe can achieve some of the wooden cabinet can not achieve the shape, such as carving and so on. 4, unlimited style: solid wood wardrobe from style restrictions, and wood cabinet can only do modern style and other simple style. The above is the home Xiaobian introduced the size of the three wardrobe, and three solid wood wardrobe characteristics, we hope to understand the three wardrobe help. More furniture knowledge, please continue to pay </p>
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