grain on the match. Hard rubbing the grain

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grain on the match. Hard rubbing the grain

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Sep 27, 2017 5:47 am

<p>camphor wood tea table help. More furniture knowledge, all in the home decoration network.Old mahogany furniture, people called red wood furniture, this furniture material hard, high strength, wear, durability, environmental health. The old mahogany furniture on the market, how to identify the old mahogany furniture? Please see the following Xiaobian introduction. First of all, look at the furniture legs and legs are faded and tide dipping traces. In the wet areas of </p>
<p>the south, furniture is generally placed directly in the mud, a long time will appear this situation. Second, look at whether the natural pulp. Generally in the user's hand often strokes the location, there will be a natural formation of the </p>
<p>pulp. The new imitation of the pulp or not natural, or in a very touching place also made out. Again, look at the copper job. Old mahogany furniture, copper work if it is the original, should be hand for several decades or even hundreds of years. Copper parts, including surface pages, hinges, hinges, handles, wrap angle, inlay, lock, etc., some of the better materials will also use the choice of white copper, a long time will be glowing faint silver, The Then, look at the traces of renovation. Some of the fabric of the chair in the renovation, the original chair will leave a dense nail eye, this chair is old. Some rattan chairs, the original rattan rotten, and will leave the rattan's eyes, turned over to see. Then, </p>
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