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composite materials

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:33 am

<p>Laminate flooring Material: composite materials composed of four layers, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, the balance (moisture) layer. Advantages: Compared with solid wood flooring is more wear-resistant, but also moisture-proof, will not be deformed because of moisture or dry. Disadvantages: First of all, environmental outdoor vip design wood protection, after laying will continue to release formaldehyde, because the four layers of different substances must be closely together, with the help of adhesive, which is harmful to human health. Second, because there is no solid wood ingredients, so strengthening the floor feel and solid wood flooring is also a far cry from.</p><p> How to choose: 1, buy high-density fiberboard; 2, the thickness should choose not less than the international standard of 8mm, below this value is not strong ;. Parquet Parquet is a tree made of different species of staggered laminated laminated, multi-layer beautiful deck colors veneer made. Advantages: Parquet compared with solid wood flooring has more durable, to overcome the shortcomings of solid wood flooring wet shrinkage, shrinkage, dry swelling rate is small, with better dimensional stability, more convenient installation and so on. The flatness and stability of wooden flooring, and retain the aesthetics of solid wood flooring in one. </p><p>Disadvantages: in terms of environmental performance is far inferior to solid wood flooring, because it will add other materials in the solid wood flooring, such as formaldehyde pollution, parquet is not only per square foot cost exterior waterproof decking the price is far more expensive than the reinforced floor, even more than the same type of solid wood floor More expensive. Followed by the high process requirements, complex structure, large differences in quality, internal quality is not easy to identify. Maintenance Notes: 1, often dust; to keep dry; the use of water-based wax, and the amount should not be too much; </p><p>away from the cigarette butts; How to buy: 1, look at the color of the surface wood, the texture is clear, the general surface should not be rotten, dead section, section hole, wormhole, folder leather resin bags, cracks or patchwork lax wood defects such as wood texture and Color sense should be harmonious. 2, should also watch the floor around the tongue and mortise is flat. Composite flooring will release formaldehyde, but there are also sub-level, so that the choice of buying better quality laminate flooring, brand awareness higher, so the safety performance will be better. After the shop is finished, do not stay immediately, let the indoor toxic gas desalinate some, you can put wood composite cladding on building some activated carbon in the indoor sucked these toxic gases.</p>
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