flooring, very close to the color of solid

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flooring, very close to the color of solid

Postby qizhen111 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:22 am

<p>wet, if it is more humid, then you should use EPE primer, while the floor also coated with a layer of moisture-proof protective paint.Warm core floor is the middle of the floor sandwich chip composite floor, also known as &quot;warm core self-heating floor&quot; or &quot;temperature-controlled self-heating floor.&quot; What are the advantages of warm core floor? See below Xiaobian introduction. 1. Quick and easy heating Warm </p>
<p>core self-heating floor, floor heating combo, heat directly from the surface of the floor 2-5 mm divergent to the heating zone, greatly reducing the heat transfer distance, electric conversion rate of more than 95%. Power for 15 minutes, the surface temperature on the floor reaches about 30 degrees. 2. Easy to install As a unique &quot;floor to floor heating combo&quot; structural design, heating floor integrated into the </p>
<p>floor, is the real &quot;self-heating type&quot; under the floor do not have to lay complex pipes, cables and other facilities, direct Reference to the common wooden floor installation method, the home without &quot;bury broken belly, boom.&quot; 3. Long life-long maintenance without the need for all kinds of complex and complicated parts input, long service life and the floor; do not need to warm the old annual plumbing </p>
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