reached 8500 rpm above, wear-resistant layer

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reached 8500 rpm above, wear-resistant layer

Postby qizhen111 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:38 am

<p>warm core floor knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.In the home decoration, the laying of the floor is an important part. When laying the floor, in order to play a fixed role, the general will hit the keel, then how to install the floor keel? Follow Xiaobian together to learn it. First, the detection of keel installation environment Paving the environment and on-site </p>
<p>conditions for testing, the following conditions need to explain to the customer and paved after the solution. 1, wet ground, sand, cracking, delamination, not clean, no construction. 2, there are termites in the surrounding environment, not construction. 3, the construction site cross-mixing operation, no construction; (wooden floor should be the last laying) 4, LEGO room, bathroom, washroom, heating pipes are not </p>
<p>waterproof, leaky, no pavement. 5, the color difference has not reached a consensus, no pavement. 6, the construction period is too short, can not implement the process, not construction (can consult to work overtime). 7, the room hidden project is not marked clearly, not construction. 8, the keel and accessories must be dry, not with poor quality, pollution, moisture, easy to rot, easy to moth material keel </p>
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