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high technical content, not all manufacturers

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:36 am

<p>pavement. At present, self-heating flooring has been included in the solid wood, solid wood multi-storey, three solid wood, reinforced and other major categories, consumers can buy floor as usual to choose their own self-heating floor. In the heating mode, the current mainstream design is heating film, heating cables, heating coating, etc., the use of radiant heating in the form of regulation of indoor temperature. </p>
<p>Compared to the traditional electric heating, plumbing and other heating equipment, self-heating the floor to be more energy saving, environmental protection, in terms of safety performance is no less. In addition, the self-heating floor in the maintenance and repair than traditional heating more convenient. Third, the shortcomings of the floor from the heat 1, since the heat-free floor insulation board insulation, </p>
<p>the use of electricity than the average high temperature. 2, since the floor above the heat can not be over-laced furniture, furniture, or the floor will gather heat after the black. 3, whether it is the traditional warm floor or self-heating floor are hidden works, maintenance is not convenient. Reminded: In the purchase from the heating floor, we must pay attention to see clearly the floor power and electromagnetic </p>
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