as the foundation, structurally Including a wear

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as the foundation, structurally Including a wear

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:18 am

<p>production of floor wax enterprises, the domestic environment - friendly anti - static floor wax brand, Dongguan Chashi Fine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. The above content is introduced Xiaobian floor wax top ten brand ranking, I hope we can buy floor wax help. For more knowledge about the floor wax, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Floor wax, the main components </p>
<p>of silicone oil, special non-slip agent, antistatic agent, natural plant wax. Usually floor wax used in solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, marble, ceramic tile and hard plastic, paint and other ground. Often at home, there is no waxing machine, only a piece of sponge and a towel or to drag, how should we use it? See Xiaobian introduced below. 1, pressure canned, also known as high-gloss rub-free wax without </p>
<p>dilution, spray directly on the floor or spray on a dry towel, and then wipe the towel clean. Feature is fast, spray evenly, the effect is obvious, very bright. Due to the huge amount of use (each can only use about 10 square meters), not suitable for the floor. 2, hand spray bottle of wax, also known as water wax without dilution, spray directly on the floor, to be dried (about 20 minutes) and then flat to the floor </p>
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