Can you chosen Floor ?

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Can you chosen Floor ?

Postby qizhen111 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:55 am

<p>everybody needs a floor for certain when decorating a building at ordinary times! To satisfy the market demand of diversification, no matter be what product type more, of course the floor also is not exceptional. acurio latticeworks ideas lowes Have the floor board of a lot of kinds of types in the market now. Among them compound floor is most suffer people gay, because compound floor is decorated,rise to go to the lavatory quite, and also compare in price respect appropriate, most important is it beautiful and durable.<a href="">wood panels in the philippines</a> Does everybody know compound floor has formaldehyde? National forest floor is next small make up give everybody introduction in detail! </p>
<p>Does compound floor contain formaldehyde? </p>
<p>The harm of the formaldehyde in compound floor</p>
<p>Formaldehyde is the gas with higher toxicity, in me state-owned drug learns to taste preferential control list to go up to reside the 2nd high. The influence with healthy to human body formaldehyde basically is behaved in smell function of unusual, exciting, allergic, lung unusual, liver function is unusual with immune function unusual wait for a respect.wear resistance fence spikes cats The biggest to old person, child and pregnant woman harm, long-term contact causes the gene mutation of nucleolus, cause a new life then chromosome unusual, leukaemia, cause teenage memory and intelligence to drop. Its are released period be as long as 3-15 year, encounter heat to encounter tide to be able to volatilize from material depth, pollute an environment badly, it is World Health Organization is sent acceptedly cancer and send abnormal material, abnormal reaction non skid boat decking source, also be potential send one of choppy thing by force. </p>
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