structural features

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structural features

Postby qizhen111 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:32 am

<p>FRP grating structural features and main applications FRP grating FRP grating appearance bright, bright, colorful, accurate cross-section scale, cutting the scale at random, with acid, alkali, anti-aging composite decks clearance christmas characteristics, the normal use of the thickness of the installed life of up to 20 years. FRP grating structure: FRP grating woven fiberglass woven, resin molded from all the cast. </p><p>Glass fiber intertwined textile and resin soaked, the grilles maximize corrosion resistance. The overall structure of the cover will be evenly distributed load, contribute to the grid device and its device support structure of the uniform force. FRP grating can you use fire pits on wood decks gloss appearance and italic grid so that the grating has a self-cleaning effect. GRP surface of the concave surface of the grid with a non-slip function, the role of non-slip sand surface better.</p><p> FRP grating features: 1, light weight: the proportion of glass fiber reinforced plastic around 1.8, is only a quarter of steel, aluminum is also one-third lighter. High strength: FRP grating composite wood decking for sale in thailand cross-interwoven cloth yarn, rod into the beam, bundled bunch beam, good load, good negative resistance to corrosion: According to the needs of different types of resin selection, it has a very superior acid, alkali, Resistance to organic solvents and salts and many other gas-liquid media corrosion. </p><p>Long life: FRP grating can usually be used for two decades, without maintenance, the overall economic benefits are much better than the use of carbon steel safety features: Appearance with a variety of non-slip appearance, with good insulation and flame retardant function, easy to make it easy Burning explosive environment, reducing accidents. Comfortable work surface: due to its certain elasticity, workers can reduce the tension of the composite decking materials legs and back. Beautiful: According to the user's request, any coloring. Mesh lubrication easy to wash.</p>
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