Wood floor maintenance errors

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Wood floor maintenance errors

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:58 am

<P>The recent installation of wood flooring trend is everywhere, every household rush to rush this unit, install a stylish, trendy wood flooring. However, the installation operation is come to an end, after which the cleaning is still a very troubling question. Is the wood flooring so hard to clean? I'm afraid that you have not found a way to clean it yet.</P>
<P>Originally these problems are also very simple, the best way is to bring a vacuum cleaner at home, if only to clear the appearance of dust, you can directly use the vacuum cleaner can also buy a wipe cloth with adsorption function, the dry wipe can be. If the board stained with stains, you can use natural dissolving agent to dissolve, then wipe it dry, always, solid wood flooring try not to use water for cleaning, in order to make the floor look more healthy.</P>
<P>Wood flooring afraid of corrosion, if mop with a wet mop, the water will be invisible in-depth floor surface, twice a month without serious problems, but for a long time lasting, it will gradually corrode the floor, causing the floor surface fall off Wait.</P>
<P>In some cases, the floor may touch the dirt that the mop can not wash in a single wash. At this moment, the housewife will wash it with steel wire balls and even increase the chemical products such as detergent and detergent, but they do not know it , Will form the floor surface wear and tear, chemicals will also endanger the floor surface protective film, and can not clean the floor, and even endanger the wooden floor.</P>
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