energy conversion, non-polluting emissions

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energy conversion, non-polluting emissions

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:07 pm

<p>heating for all. Its low-carbon characteristics are mainly reflected in the direct energy, energy conversion, non-polluting emissions, human living and Social and economic aspects. Below we have a detailed understanding of the five core low-carbon warm core heat advantages? 1, low-carbon energy heating energy, clean, renewable. Compared with the heating energy sources such as coal and natural gas, </p>
<p>electricity, as one of the most promising heating energy sources, is booming with the rise of new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower energy and nuclear energy. The new energy provided to human power is clean, renewable, is the real low-carbon or even &quot;zero&quot; carbon energy. 2, low heat conversion efficiency of low carbon conversion heating. Compared with traditional heating </p>
<p>methods, the thermal conversion rate of the heating floor heating system is as high as 99%, which can greatly reduce the energy loss during the conversion and transmission. 3, low-carbon emissions such as pollution-free emissions. Compared with the traditional heating methods, the use of electricity as heating energy does not need to build boiler room, coal storage, ash, pipe network and other facilities, saving </p>
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