construction is completely dry operation

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construction is completely dry operation

Postby qizhen111 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:00 pm

<p>filled with lightweight foam concrete. Second, polystyrene particles sandwich light-weight composite energy-saving wall material is thin fiber cement or calcium silicate board as a panel, the middle of a light-weight composite core material formed by a non-load-bearing lightweight composite sheet. The product is solid, lightweight, thin, high strength, impact resistance, hanging strong, heat insulation, sound </p>
<p>insulation, fire protection, waterproof, easy to cut, can be slotted, without the need for documents, dry work, environmental protection and other walls Body material can not be compared to the overall advantages. In order to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. This will lead the construction industry to move forward from backward wet construction to advanced dry construction so as to realize the </p>
<p>industrialization of production of housing components, the modernization of technical equipment and the intensification of large-scale production. Third, the GM board GM board, namely: Magnesia aerated concrete hollow light partition board, is formed by a variety of inorganic materials after the chemical reaction, since the development of the last century has been nearly 20 years, in the production, installation </p>
<p>anti slip wear for wood no radiation<br />
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wood plastic privacy fence cost</p>
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