How to maintain solid wood floor heating

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How to maintain solid wood floor heating

Postby qizhen111 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:32 pm

<P>The floor to avoid contact with the water for a long time, in particular, can not contact with hot water, once the hot water spread on the floor, to dry in time. It is best to play every three months of wax, waxing before the floor surface of the stains to clean up, often waxing, can maintain the floor finish, extend the life of the floor. Avoid sharp objects scratched the ground,do not put too hot things on the floor, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.</P>
<P>In addition, the wood floor is also afraid of sun exposure. Many flooring from the seam situation occurs on the edge of the balcony or the edge of the window. Exposure may also lead to film blistering, discoloration, and even fall off and so on. Wood is still cutting down some of the living characteristics, so when dealing with the floor should be careful and thoughtful.</P>
<P>The installation of the wooden floor of the residence must be someone to stay, if it is not immediately stay, then you should always keep the ventilation and so on. Air conditioning as far as possible not to face the floor blowing, feeling the indoor dry can be properly humidified. Go out should pull the curtains, avoid the sun straight floor.</P>

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