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new furnaces

Postby qizhen111 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:02 am

<p>Research and development of new furnaces to solve refractory sintering, electric melting energy-saving technologies 1, the development of new magnesite light kiln. Refractory furnace for light-burned magnesia, has 70 to 80 years of history, only roasting lump ore, poor product quality, high energy consumption, poor working conditions, the urgent need to developOutdoor Wood Plastic Decks Installation Guide Rochester new magnesite light-fired kiln. Block magnesia light-fired kiln can learn from the experience of calcination of metallurgical lime, double-kiln kiln and vertical preheater recommended design of the rotary kiln, can also consider the kiln material heat to silicon.</p><p> Fine-grained magnesite light-fired kiln can learn from the development of cyclone preheating furnace, improve the solid-gas ratio, improve thermal efficiency. The new magnesite light-fired kiln should consider the economic recovery of CO2. Improve and improve the existing raw material firing kiln technology. Rotary kiln should Bluestone Pavers for Porch Floors focus on solving the high heat and flue gas purification problems. </p><p>Shaft kilns in the conditional use of clean fuel and gradually reduce the amount of coke. Ultra-high temperature shaft kiln should expand the calcined varieties, to solve the calcination of synthetic sand and further reduce heat consumption. Reformation and Innovation of Electric Furnace Process. Therefore, electric furnace production process transformation is imperative. At the same time arc furnace soot treatment as an important part of tackling.</p><p> Development of new hard plastic furniture materials batch tunnel kilns. In some places, the outdated inverted kiln will be changed into a tunnel kiln. However, the tunnel kiln is suitable for large-scale production and it is difficult to adapt to changing market requirements, resulting in a shortage of tunnel kilns. Shuttle kilns to adapt to changing market advantages, but higher energy consumption, it should develop a new batch tunnel kiln, the kiln can be considered in the shuttle kiln based on the front end with an increase of the Simulated Tongue and Groove Wood Decks Material preheat zone, the back end Increased cooling zone with high "thermal efficiency" advantages of tunnel kiln.</p>
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