Cork flooring management methods

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Cork flooring management methods

Postby qizhen111 » Thu Dec 21, 2017 10:54 am

<h3>What is wood flooring essential oil?</h3>
<P.>Wood floor oil is used on the wooden floor, a polishing agent, also known as floor oil, floor spirits, wood floor oil, wood oil, wood oil. Flooring essential oil scratch-resistant, anti-dry crack, moisture and other decontamination effect, can effectively extend the life of the floor, while there are some sterilization. The latest generation of wood flooring oil in addition to the above functions, but also has formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, purify the role of indoor air. But be careful: poor ventilation or indoor high humidity, the oil contained in the moisture inside the wood floor may be damp and varying degrees of deformation.</P>
<h3>Four effects of wooden floor oil</h3>
<P> 1, repair: to eliminate solid wood flooring or solid wood furniture surface minor scratches. 2, care: polymer resin to form a protective film on the floor surface to prevent scratches. 3, maintenance: natural resin floor surface as bright as new, easy to damp deformation. 4, protection: to prevent borers, termites, cockroaches and other erosion has a role, can extend the service life of wood flooring.</P>
<h3>Wood floor oil usage</h3>
<P>Cleaning: first solid wood flooring or solid wood furniture surface with a vacuum cleaner or electrostatic mop the sand and dust clean. Connect the nozzle: Unscrew the bottle cap, tear off the bottle sealing film, connect the nozzle to the bottle mouth, and rotate the nozzle 1-2 times to open the state. Construction: The oil sprayed evenly on the floor above about 2ml per square can (about 2-3 spray). Wipe evenly: Wipe evenly with a mop or cloth. Generally 100 square flooring in just 20 minutes to complete. Drying: The normal amount of about 30 minutes to dry. After normal drying can be used normally.</P> "hallmark town and country luxury vinyl plank,diy low cost folding floor,interior boat cleaning service "
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