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Understand and strengthen the floor maintenance errors

PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:58 am
by qizhen111
<P>Darkening of wood flooring is essentially an aging, the main factor is the use of wood flooring in the process, after years or no attention to the maintenance of wood flooring, wood flooring leading to high moisture content, making a lot of mold accumulation, as time passes The floor is dark.</P>
<P>Darkening of the wooden floor will eventually lead to corrosion, so when it comes to the floor of the home appears black, we must pay attention. Since the dark wood flooring is a common and extremely poor phenomenon, then what is causing, Xiaobian take you from these reasons to find some to avoid the occurrence of measures.</P>
<P>In essence, the dark wood floor is due to the high moisture content of the floor itself caused. If the completion of the early stages of such a situation, it is certainly the quality of wood flooring, then promptly contact with the dealer, and asked him to be repaired or replaced.</P>
<P>Another situation is that the use of a period of time after the blackening of the wooden floor, then the most troublesome. Because there may be leakage or water seepage inside the living room, the darkening of the wooden floor is a signal to remind us that there are some wooden floors in the home that generate a lot of moisture due to water leakage.</P>
<P>Of course, the black floor is also divided into surface and interior black, if only in the surface of black, it only needs to use thin sandpaper carefully polished again, that is, the dark place and mildew clean, and then paint the floor Qi If you have infiltrated the internal, then generally have to use the planing, renovation, and even the method of changing the plate can be thoroughly cleaned.</P>
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