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substrate processing technology can be divided

PostPosted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:11 am
by qizhen111
<p>batching, greatly reducing the construction period, and the material loss rate is low, reducing the construction waste. Eight, thermal insulation composite wall composition of materials from natural vermiculite, high purity quartz powder, inorganic fibers and plant fibers by high temperature and high pressure steam curing, decided that he has a good thermal insulation function, so that your Indoor environment more </p>
<p>comfortable. Nine, hanging strong Composite wall panels can be directly hit or expansion bolts on the hanging heavy objects, such as air conditioners, a single point of hanging force of 45kg or more; and the wall panel surface smooth and does not produce dust, Can be directly pasted tiles, wallpaper, wood veneer and other materials to do finishes. Ten, light economy Lightweight energy-saving wall panels 75mm </p>
<p>thick weight equivalent to 120mm thick masonry weight 1/7, thus reducing the cost of the structure, increasing the use of the area. The construction is simple and convenient, reduce the labor intensity, speed up the construction progress, save 15-30% of the total project cost, to meet the different customer requirements for the indoor and outdoor environment of modern architecture. Lightweight wall ten </p>
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