Wood flooring problems cause

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Wood flooring problems cause

Postby qizhen111 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:27 am

<P>The production of insects need a certain degree of humidity and temperature, so if the floor of a worm, most of the reasons for the trouble is wet, so the key is to prevent moisture-proof. Many users pay attention to the decoration of the surface problems, and some hidden projects tend to be overlooked, especially for straight shop wood flooring, the ground leveling is very important, the general hair is best to use dry powder to collect light, because the hair Exposed bare sand, just absorb moisture temporarily, encounter the right environment will release the water again. The dry powder can not only absorb the excess moisture but also play a role in the protective film to lock moisture, to prevent dampness, but also conducive to effective measurement of ground flatness.</P>
<P>Some people think that the floor before the wood floor sprinkling a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper and other things can effectively prevent worms, experts believe that this approach is not desirable. Although charcoal and charcoal can absorb moisture in a short period of time, they do not digest moisture and tend to be released again. They also fail to achieve the purpose of moisture-proofing. The practice of pepper is not desirable, usually dried pepper can deworming, but many cases show that often because of damp pests and then lead to floor worms. So, the best way is to do more to the ground a layer of moisture-proof treatment, or brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.</P> "best quality wpc outdoor deck flooring,wood grain gothic composite fence,spaceage material build the transit on a boat "
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