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PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:30 am
by qizhen111
<p>board and keel can be self-tapping screws. 7. Seaming In addition to stitching, gypsum wall partition (including the gypsum plasterboard and the gypsum board and the roof, the side wall of the seam) must be caulking and paste the seam. Second, the gypsum wall board construction precautions 1 partition wall in the distribution box, socket, wall pipe and other devices, to the surrounding gap for effective sealing. </p>
<p>2. Gypsum board used in the construction of gypsum board varieties, specifications to meet the requirements of construction quality. 3. Check the wall with all the pipeline location, the line is correct before construction. 4. Ann along the ground, along the top of the keel, placed in the surrounding five mm thick rubber mat, the same width keel. 5. Diaphragm wall seam treatment should be left at the seams 5 mm </p>
<p>gap, and caulking, the outer paste glass fiber tape or perforated tape, etc., and matching seams putty leveling. 6. There are sound insulation requirements between the partition wall should leave 5 mm gap, and filled with putty density, according to the order of dark seam processing operations, should also be left around the four-mm gap, with embedded sealant embedding. Conclusion: The above is Xiaogan </p>
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