GigAlarm: Data files, their names and where to find them

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GigAlarm: Data files, their names and where to find them

Postby Siegfried » Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:16 pm

GigAlarm stores its data file in two separate files. The alarm file for GigAlarm is called “sGigAlm.dat” and the option setting file is called "dGigAlm.dat". These files are normally saved in a path similar to...

"C:\Users\Sinner\AppData\Local\ACAPsoft\GigAlarm" or "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Sinner\GigAlarm" with older installs.

To show the directory you open the "About" window by the "About" button, select "Prog Dirs" from the selection box at the bottom and press "Open Dirs". Everything in the folder that doesn't have "GigAlarm.exe" in it are user settings.

GigAlarm will randomly back up it's data files on average every 90 minutes. When it does this the alarm file (sGigAlm.dat) is closed, the date stamp is updated, and the file is copied as "sGigAlm.dat Bak". If GigAlarm is not closed down correctly it can lose data, and if it deems that the data file is corrupt it will automatically use the backup when it next starts. However if for any reason "sGigAlm.dat" and "sGigAlm.dat Bak" are lost and you have no backups then there is nothing that can be done to restore the alarms. For this reason if you have a lot of alarms you should regually backup the GigAlarm data files to another locaton.

"dGigAlm.dat" can be lost without any major effects; you'll just need to change a few options back. Sometimes it can even help to delete this file as some settings are not reset via the "Restore Defaults"; the major one is the last alarm time.
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