Using GigAlarm on Mult UserIDs on same PC

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Using GigAlarm on Mult UserIDs on same PC

Postby ajergo » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:09 pm

I am running a PC under Win 8.1
Have Gigalarm running well under one UserID, but that UserID got corrupted somehow and I am trying to get GigAlarm to run now under another new UserID I created on the same PC.
Having lots of problems. I tried copying all the files in the folder Users/xxxxx/AppData/Roaming/ACAPsoft/GigAlarm to the equivalent folder with a different Username where it has xxxxx

When I click on the Gigalarm icon I was able to get it to prompt me for the Registration info ... not sure how I did that. BUT, now I can not get it to start at all on the second UserID at all. When I click on the shortcut for the GigAlarm .exe it does nothing.
Do I need to purchase another Registration code to get it to work on the other UserID.

Any advice on how to get GigAlarm running again on the second UserID?
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