GigAlarm: Icon Oddities

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GigAlarm: Icon Oddities

Postby Siegfried » Fri Jun 13, 2008 3:53 am

It has been reported that there might be a problem with GigAlarm displaying a random icon instead of the correct one. This problem goes away when the pointer is over the icon. Restarting GigAlarm does not solve the problem, but rebooting the computer does. This is the first time the problem has been reported, and we have not seen it ourselves.

We feel that this is most likely caused by another program since a GigAlarm restart doesn't fix it but a system restart does... however there is always a possibility! If you have seen this problem please report it here and if it isn't too much bother, listing what programs reside in your system tray could help deduce the cause of this oddity.
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