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Postby matthias_c1 » Fri Jan 01, 2010 5:35 pm

Hi Andrew,
this is Matthias from Freiburg/Germany, faithful SmEdit user, you might remember me.
(Foremost, a Happy New Year...!)
One week ago I installed SmEdit on my new Windows 7 system and have since encountered
frequent program freezes which practically never occured on XP where it was highly stable.
I would like to ask if you too have experienced such problems and if I can be of
any help solving this. Typically SmEdit is somewhere in the background, and when
I want to click the tab to activate it I notice it's frozen.

I posted to the forum because you wrote you prefer so; feel free to contact me by
e-mail, I'll be sending you my address privately.


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Postby Siegfried » Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:19 am

Yes, I do remember you well and yes I do prefer support to be handled here as then I can (hopefully) answer questions once and once only leaving more actual programming time!

The was a problem that I noted in Vista which was tracked down to being caused by changes in the file change notification system. As a result I leave the "Monitor File" option off at the moment. All Microsoft PR aside, Vista and Windows 7 are much the same so chances are this is the problem. (I'm not regularly testing on 7 yet and I plan to keep developing on Vista for at least another year.)

If this isn't the problem I suggest you try this...
SmEdit 1.2 ALPHA
(43.99 KiB) Downloaded 441 times

It's a pre-Beta non-installing new version of SmEdit. Remember, it is an Alpha so it could be worse, but I've been using it without issue for several months. You'll need a new registration code... which I'll EMail you.

(SmEdit will probably be the next major project.)

Happy New Year!
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