Chop: Output files unreadable

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Chop: Output files unreadable

Postby Mister E » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:05 am

I chopped some video files with Chop but they now have the extension of "chp" and they load Chop instead of my usual viewer. I tried to solve this by restoring the extension but the viewer said that the file was corrupted.

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Postby Siegfried » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:12 am

The first line of the ReadMe answers this question;

This compact program is for splitting large files (including ones larger than 4 GB) down to the byte level for easier distribution.

The key line is for easier distribution. When Chop was written USB Flash drives didn't exist and for most people 1.44 MB floppies were the norm. I personally used it a lot for sending files by mail to avoid attachment limit rules. :-$ But in short, Chop's not designed to make files useful in the split form as that would be incredibly complicated. (I don't think any program is capable of splitting every file type and making them usable as well.) It's just intended to make file transfers easier.

There are a lot of file types out there, even if you target a specific section such as video. To be able to break files at the right point as well as recreate the structural elements such as headers and footers would be extremely complicated and way beyond the intent of the program. We have no plans to ever extend Chop in this way.
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