Installer Features and Options

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Installer Features and Options

Postby Siegfried » Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:16 am

Due to the compact nature of our software we needed to write our own installer as it wouldn't be very logical to have a 20Kb program installed by a 1000Kb installer. However, it isn't just a small installer! Aside from being small it has many rare features, including;

    To the point, single window design. Programs are installed in three clicks.
    Non-installing install. Select "Extract Only" and the program will be extracted to the same folder as the setup file and you can copy it wherever you want.
    Low privilege login support. Programs can be installed on low privilege logins automatically by detecting the privilege level and selecting the appropriate directory. This also means that programs can be installed on Windows Vista without a UAC prompt. If you want to override this simply press the "Admin Install" button to do a normal install. Conversely, if you want to do a low privilege install on a full privilege login simply select "Local Install Only".
    Written in 100% Assembly Language. Like all of our programs the installer is compact and efficient; its around 30Kb and has very low memory requirements.
    Ultra unified design. Our installer is also the un-installer. Additionally, all our programs use the same uninstaller.
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